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Work in progress. Dialog with the painting.


I hate to show work in progress. I never show unfinished paintings. If there is too much raving - it is hard to take chances if I need to.When somebody doesn't like the painting - it is easy to get under the spell of negativity , to  loose the  interest and stop working. Process of a studio work have to be between me and the painting. And, exactly because I don't like to show unfinished paintings,  I decided to   jump  right into my "discomfort zone". I will take a photo after each session, short or long, and will post it here. It is interesting to practice detachment  and  watch how this painting  is unfolding and growing. For me there is always a conversation between me and the painting, sometimes it is a quiet dialog, sometimes -  there is a very strong disagreement.

This is 40x30 oil and I paint on Ampersand gesso board. I have no idea how long it will take me to complete this piece - it can take a month or a year. For now, I  will call this painting  "Meditation break".

I will  do my best, pray and step into the unknown.

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great title for this painting. we can nourish our body daily through meditation..good luck...

This is a real treat; I always wonder about how some one else works thru the process of creating a painting. I like to think there is a system, I have a few basic things I do, but this is no guarantee of successful results. Emotionally creating a painting can be a wild ride. It looks like you start by sketching for ideas and then lay in the big shapes with thin paint. I assume you don't use earth tones on your pallet; do have a large number of pigments on your pallet or do you do a lot of color mixing? I also judge that you decide ahead of time to make the overall design either strong cool or strong warm.

Thank you!
I do a lot of black and white pencil sketches before I start painting. I am using photo references, but I am not a slave of them. I don't "paint from photos". No toning on the surface. I adore white canvas, linen, board, etc. I have a lot of colors on my pallete and I mix colors a lot. I will post some picks from my pallete sometimes.


Thank you for good wishes. Inspiration ( and title) for this painting came from a morning walk after the meditation.

I just found you thanks to Kathleen Elsey and am blown away by your paintings. I love your colors, your brushstrokes, and the softness of your lines. Would love to take your Sedona workshop but will be in summer school by then. I will continue to follow your work and you and maybe be able to take a class from you in the future.

Jerry! Thank you for appreciation and feedback.Would be great to meet you in class!

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