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challenge #32

8x8 oil

It feels so good to be back in the studio, without rushing outside , taking photos , posting photos. I am done with my part of 60/60 challenge. ( in a 60 days period I supposed to paint 60 paintings from life).

There is about 10 more days to go and more sketches to paint. It was a challenge, especially for somebody like me - I adore my time in the studio.  I have  to have a flow, uninterrupted time,  when my thought are flowing, almost like a daydreaming. The most creative state. It is when miracle started to happens on the canvas. Rushing every day from painting  to computer not only took a lot of time an energy - it was  a destruction to my creative process.  I decided to stop on a painting #40. There was a positive side also -  extra push to go outside and paint or to find something new what is interesting enough to paint. It was also an opportunity to set a minor goal, a small "personal " challenge with each of those paintings. In a way,  during those "crazy" days,  I  recharged my  dead batteries. Good  to have some fun time while painting,  and catch a glimpse of  spring.  You can see all my paintings from life during this period on my Facebook page 

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